Luke Dumke

Owned and operated by Luke Dumke, Pinehill Studios is a professional creative service, offering high quality video and audio production. Artists and businesses in search of a creative, or cinematic twist to their projects will find that stepping out of the box and approaching concepts as a team, while sharing unique perspectives, often leads to a more compelling final product.

In January of 2016, Luke made the move to Seattle, WA, from Southern New Mexico and is currently working with local Seattle artists and businesses as an engineer/producer/videographer. As well as writing and performing music with his bands, Old Coast and Woods of Wild. At the age of 7, Luke began drum lessons, after being inspired to pick up the instrument by his older brother. Showing a great affinity and talent for the instrument for a number of years, his mother eventually invested in his first drum kit, which set him on the path that ultimately lead to his present day passion for music. Picking up guitar as a secondary instrument and audio/video production skills along the way, Luke spends much of his time immersed in the world of creative media. You will often find him in downtown Ballard at The Tractor and Sunset Tavern, sharing the stage with friends and touring musicians. When not performing, he is often found running sessions at Pinehill Studios, working with local artists, such as Nick Foster, Skyler Mehal, Courtney Marie Andrews, and Sarah Gerritsen. With a creative eye and a well trained set of ears, his unique approach to projects produces a collage of intriguing visuals, lush sounds, and compelling narratives. The audio and video work Luke produces is both polished and refreshing, with a style, ever-developing, yet constantly his own.

After graduating from university in 2009, with degrees is Recording Arts and Music Business, Luke honed his technical skills as an engineer at Drasik Studios, Chicago, under the direction of producer/engineer Mark Michalik (The Swellers, Into It Over It, Koji). There, he worked on dozens of albums, with talented artists such as Never Hit Again, So Many Ways, The Summer Pledge, District Somnium, and more. After leaving Chicago in 2012, he then opened The Yard Recording Studio, a professional project studio providing quality recordings for the talent-rich Las Cruces, NM artistic community. Luke worked with such local Southern New Mexico talent as KT Neely, Alabama Deathwalk, Back of a Car, Simeon Beardsley, Eric Burton, Ehran Krauel, Nik Singleton, and Decade of the Dead Arcade.